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    Nyk Logo Marc Berman who should stay or go

    With a new president in place and a new coach on the way for the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], The Post's Marc Berman assesses the chances of each current Knick being sent packing this offseason.

    Quentin Richardson: He's shot. Could be buyout case since you can't trade him because of uninsurable contract. 60 percent gone.

    Eddy Curry: Shocking to see his low-post game evaporate. Donnie Walsh could clear major cap space with a trade, as Walsh wants his centers defense-oriented. 60 percent gone.

    Zach Randolph: Spent the whole season hoisting contested perimeter jumpers and not getting back on defense. Walsh would give his left lung to deal him, but his contract is a killer. 30 percent gone.

    Stephon Marbury: Walsh will explore signing a younger point guard for a two-year mid-level exception ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]?) before he can talk buyout. Trade will be tough under parameters. Marbury is lone PG on roster, so could go either way. 55 percent gone.

    Jamal Crawford: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] handed him the keys to the offense after Marbury went down and he crashed the car. Not a floor general and hasn't improved perimeter defense. But with a real PG to play off of, he's a keeper. 10 percent gone.

    Nate Robinson: Not a starter in this league because he's too small to defend. Not a bad guy to come off the bench for 15 minutes next season. 40 percent gone.

    David Lee: A building block. He got more confidence in his face-up jumper as season went along. Great rebounder and Sixth Man. 8 percent gone.

    Renaldo Balkman: Sophomore jinx smacked him down, but too young and athletic to give up on. Lost all confidence in offensive game. 35 percent gone.

    Jared Jeffries: Who's going to want this stiff with that contract? 7 percent gone.

    Malik Rose: Doesn't want to be here and overrated as locker-room leader. Walsh will shop his expiring contract. 70 percent gone.

    Jerome James: For a team that finished last in the league in shotblocking, Isiah should be ashamed for not using him when he got healthy. Walsh likes his shotblocking, but health could prompt buyout or medical retirement. 65 percent gone.

    Fred Jones: A free agent who didn't distinguish himself as a so-called solid defender and won't be re-signed. Chances of leaving: 99 percent gone.

    Wilson Chandler: Could start at small forward next season with his big finish that impressed Walsh. 4 percent gone.

    Mardy Collins: Slow to begin with, offseason knee surgery made him slower. Nobody wants him. 35 percent gone.

    Randolph Morris: A free agent who won't be re-signed, since decision is Walsh's, not Isiah's. Morris got worse instead of better during his late-season audition. 98 percent gone<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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    Kiyaman who should stay or let go:

    The top 5 players that must be traded before Training camp.
    Their performance showed that a wise President would consider them 99 percent gone. He would make it happen.

    1) Quentin Richardson: 60 percent gone.
    2) Zach Randolph: 30 percent gone.
    3) Jared Jeffries: 7 percent gone.
    4) Fred Jones: 99 percent gone.
    5) Jamal Crawford: 10 percent gone.

    Eddy Curry contract and performance is an easier Bigman to trade than Zach Randolph, that is the reason why I would keep Curry (by hiring coach Patrick Ewing early this offseason), and trade Zach Randolph ASAP. One of the two must be traded.

    Stephon Marbury ending contract and performance is an easier player to trade than Jamal Crawford. The Knicks roster never needed Marbury or Crawford simular performance at PG or SG. The Knicks has been in need of a Guard that could teach his teammates how to pass the ball to gain an assist, while he averaged 8 assist per game.
    So Marbury ending contract is a keeper while Jamal Crawford must be traded ASAP.

    The Knicks offseason Keepers are:

    Lee: co-exist
    Morris: co-exist
    Balkman: co-exist
    Chandler: co-exist
    Nate: co-exist
    The other seven players must be traded, buy out, or let go.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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    Q Rich should be bought out ( Nobody will take him)

    Jerome James must be bought out. ( Not healthy) Then again he might be our only back up center.

    Jared Jefferies should be packaged with any deal if possible.

    Malik Rose's contract should simply expire.

    Marbury's contract should simply expire unless there is a trade that we can't refuse! (Must be a top 10 player in return)

    Shop Randolph for an expiring contract ( example Sczerbiak's contract expires 2008-2009 and their salaries match.) If there are no takers, then it is what it is.

    Curry should be traded.

    Crawford has value. If the right deal comes along, then move him. If not his contract is not bad. He could also opt out.

    the player we draft is key to the offseason moves.

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    People the Knicks should let go, trade, waive, or buyout:
    Eddy Curry(trade)
    Quentin Richardson(buyout)
    Mardy Collins(trade or waive)
    Randolph Morris(let go)
    Jared Jeffries(buyout)
    Jerome James(if the Knicks sign a free agent center, then let James go. If not, then keep him until right before the trade deadline, and try to trade him)

    People I would keep:
    PG Stephon Marbury
    PG Nate Robinson*
    SG Jamal Crawford*
    SG Fred Jones**
    SF Wilson Chandler
    SF Renaldo Balkman
    PF Zach Randolph
    PF David Lee*
    PF Malik Rose(only because he's an expiring contract)
    C Jerome James***

    * If a good offer is made for any of these players, that involves dumping Curry or Richardson's contract, then go for it. If an offer is made for Crawford, ask for draft picks, too.

    ** Only keep Fred Jones if he accepts a 1-2 year contract, for no more than 3 or 4 million per year.

    *** Only keep Jerome James, if we are unable to sign any centers as free agents. If we do sign a center as a free agent, then good-bye.
    Jeremon Linbury

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    I'm wondering why New York Sports writers and Sports analyst dont mention that Isiah and his coaching staff Herb Williams, Mark Aquire, and Hann, all need to be FIRED and removed from Knick coaching.

    They all did a very poor job alongside of HOF coach Wilkins, Brown, and President Isiah.

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