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  • Derrick Rose

    6 50.00%
  • Brook Lopez

    2 16.67%
  • Anthony Randolph

    0 0%
  • Eric Gordon

    0 0%
  • Hasheem Thabeet

    0 0%
  • DJ Augustin

    0 0%
  • OJ Mayo

    2 16.67%
  • DeAndre Jordan

    0 0%
  • Michael Beasley

    2 16.67%
  • Other

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    Originally Posted by CJWALKER
    Considering that the Knicks have been bad for some yrs now and most New Yorkers are not into the term "rebuilding phase" this yrs draft is not the solution. If I was GM, hint hint, I would make the following trades to improve the Knicks immediately:

    Should the Knicks get the number 1 or 2 pick:

    1.) Trade Stephon for Allen Iverson, since it obvious the nuggets wont win with him and both have expiring contracts in 2009. Also Steph seems to play better in the west and Iverson is guranteed to be one of the highest sold jerseys if he comes to NY and never quits. Just dont make a trade with denver for Fools Gold, Carmelo Anthony.
    2.) Trade the 1 or 2 pick for Rudy Gay. I dont think Beasley or Rose are franchise players. Good players yes, franchise players no. Memphis will then have the ability to have #1 or #2 and probably #4 picks.
    3.)Trade Zach Randolph in a sign and trade for Elton Brand(throw in nate if neccessary). Should they not accept then do a combination of trades of Zach and Crawford or Curry, Crawford and Lee for Jermaine Oneal. Should the Clippers accept then still try the Oneal Trade
    4.) Once you get rid of David Lee who is high trade bait, pick up Najera and draft Walker from Kansas State in the second round to be your defensive stopper on other teams best 2 or 3.
    I think the best thing the Knicks should do is slowly rebuild. What you're thinking about doing is exactly what Isiah Thomas did. The Knicks don't need to get a bunch of big names. They need to draft quality players, trade players who are not being productive for expiring contracts, then sign some good free agents. That's how most teams rebuild, and that's how the Knicks should try to rebuild. Otherwise, it's going to be another Isiah Thomas situation.
    Jeremon Linbury

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    Originally Posted by New New York
    I know a lot of people like Thabeet, and I like him too. But according to Draft Express (the NBA Draft Bible) that Thabeet at best is at Samuel Dalembert. And also he lacks work ethic, but who knows?

    I said it before and I'll say it again, if we land 1 or 2 package it with Zach's contract for expiring contracts with one year left on them (maybe one contract with two years left on it) and a 2010 pick. Again the logic is that us shedding ourselves of Zach Randolph's contract is the equivelant to high lottery pick for us. Now I would like to swap for a lower lottery pick this year, but 1, only the Bulls are a lower lottery team with contracts that would match Zach's salary (Drew Goodin, and Ben Gordon) and 2 to me losing a pick in 2010 will be more detrimental considering we will be further along in rebuilding and ridding ourselves of Zeke's mistakes.

    Now in the likley hood that we do not get the 1 or 2 and say we get 5 I would like to end up with DJ Austin or OJ Mayo. I like Mayo's potential, I love that he likes to defend and that he is a big PG. I think he may be one of those players who will look better as a Pro than in College. Examples: Vince Carter, Grant Hill (in his prime) and Tyshaun Prince

    DJ Austin is a prototypical PG the only knock on him is that he is under 6 ft. He is cut from the same cloth as Andre Miller and Brevon Knight, PGs who impact the game but are not All Stars. To me thats what we need, or team is the perfect example of too many Cheifs not enough Indians. But he plays hard and is true PG, if Steph is on his way out we need a plan in place.

    Now if we slide to 7 (which is likely only thanks to that 3 game win streak) I would take a gamble on DeAndre. Fact of the matter is New York can't risk passing on a game changing Big Man again with nothing to show for it Examples: Micheal Sweetney over Amare and Frye over Bynum. So if we pass on DeAndre we better be sure that he really is not going to ever be a force in the NBA, or we get an equally good player.

    Brook Lopez scares me a little, but if he is as good as advertised, then he would make a good compliment to Lee on the frontline.

    Thabeet is returning to school next year, so he is out of the equation.

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    This thread is useless until we find out where the Knicks are actually picking.
    Gms, coaches, players may change but as long as Dolan is in charge the results will stay the same.

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    Replying to CJwalker LOL! If Memephis is stupid enough to give us Rudy Gay for just the draft pick then that gm needs help.... but then again they did trade Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown so.....

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    I am suprised Bayless isn't on that list. If we get the 1st pick, we need to get Beasley without question. If we get the 2nd pick and Beasley is taken, which he probably will, we need to pick up Derrick Rose, but if the Knicks get the 3rd pick we need Brook Lopez, or DJ Augustine. I like his game, some analysis have Augustine on the 10th pick overall.. I think he might be a good snatch for a team that has the 10th pick overall.

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