As a New Yorker born and bred, the more I think about it, the more I feel Mark Jackson is the right fit to coach the Knicks.

He's a winner from New York City: St. John's NCAA championship. NBA Finals. He bleeds NYC where Isiah bled Detroit...

Jackson's head has been in the game since his playing career ended, broadcasting with other coaches like Van Gundy, Mike Fratello, and other intelligent basketball minds, seeing the best in the game and how they win. MANY coaches have gone from broadcasting to coaching and back again. Jackson also had the opportunity to broadcast with Marv Albert, one of the greatest ever as far as communication goes. It's this intelligent communication that translates to coaching, in order to pass on knowledge. And he's a point guard mentality, like many great coaches before him.

Mark Jackson is young and hungry and a NEW YORKER! He is what we need to lead a TEAM! Fresh blood for a fresh NY Knick team. Mark Jackson will inspire Starbury to be the best he can be, and I believe Walsh will give them both a chance to make it happen before they trade him.

Personally, I can't stand Kenny Smith, he's on a par with Charles Barkley as far as smarts, witticisms and limited vocabulary. He is LAME! and he bleeds Houston...

Let's keep it in New York, don't let Mark Jackson get away again!

Clyde for defensive coach
Ewing for big man coach