Msg33 I donít rap for free
I be on the attack vs. the enemy
So who might it be
The team that got stepped upon
The team with them leprechauns
The team thatís next to be gone
Gay G ill put the tool to ya
Son the ticket like Pachulia
donít pay any attention
He tryin to fool ya
His b1tch ass should get suspended
I hope he aint cool to ya
Cool only to the boston stans
NY show no pity
F*ck Boston teams and the city
They got an itty bittty problem
Getting suckas to solve them
Randy moss lost
Celtics are the next stop
F*ck them red sox
I take head shots
This aint a game like an x box
The red dot when they get popped
Its gonna be they bed spot
They donít understand it like tae kwon doe
Have me thinking they from another planet
Cassell and rondo
Comin from mars or Jupiter
Could pierce be any stupider
Got sonned by horford
And didnít do sh1t last night
25 Gís he can afford
Almost lost his life in his last fight
Got knifed for runnin his mouth
I donít feel bad he probably deserved it
Celtics lost game 4 we observed it
Fans sh1t their pants when they heard it
So whats the verdict
Boston fans nervous
Im laughin and attackin
Dope rhymes im packin
No nappin when I happen
Experience the Celtics are lackin
Gold mackin I think they need aspirin
Back then kg was a b1tch
Aint nothing changed
He still the same lame
Hold ya head in shame
Zaza made you lean back
donít act like you aint seen that
Msg 33 got the recipe to disect emcees
Rhyme over a slow or fast beat
I even tear apart athletes
Rondo tried
Josh Smith replied and denied
I would hide or call time
Celtic green lookin more like lime
They wearin out
I donít care about
Their 66 wins
It donít begin until the playoffs
Cant take plays off
thatís why the series is tied up
Feelin pain use bengay
F*ck them socks from fenway
They got sent away after losing 5 straight
Msg33 the great
Who the f*ck else wants to get ate?
My name holds weight from state to state
NY I love Boston I hate
Im like zaza sayin donít push me
Triple p Paul pierced *****
Its time to let go
Shout out to metro
Reppin the knicks like 126
Im that damn great
Eatin chumps like pancakes
They need more then band aids
I know you wanna be me
new member of 08 abcd
I aint greedy I got realistic
You can catch me with his chick
Or maybe his mom no respect for the don
Accept that im on
The level of a legend
Shoot you down with the gold mac 11
To the top im not headin
Ive been in the top 5 or top 3
How you gonna top me or stop me
Clean yourself up lookin sloppy
Actin ****y but im not from the city of bean
The city of green aint the team
Hungry like a fiend but not to be seen
In the 4th quarter get them some water
At the hands of the hawks
They been man slaughtered
obsessive compulsive disorder
Ill f*ck ray allens daughter
Even though I never saw her
33 will do more then applaud her
Dirty me I gotta watch my manners
No 2008 championship banner
Think back if you gonna call me wack
I diss the Celtics and nyfanchris
The crowd demands this
There wont be an encore
Sayin you want more
I want more competition
Im a smooth technition with ambition
You like rondo man you missin
Poseys a f@g kissin
His teammates before each game
donít claim to be able to hang with me
Ill snatch ya chain ya see
You aint nothing special
Your only plain to me
Itís the b1tch costin boston
F*ck them they done
They been sonned often
now put them in a coffin