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i say cavs in 6-celts cant win on the road and are worn out. LeBron can take pierce or allen. He's gonnna drop 35 everygame
I hope your right, heres what i wrote on another site:

Im gonna have to root for Leb1tch lames now. Theres no one i hate more then the MELTics and their bandwagoners. This series is unpredictable, the last time the cavs played a great defensive team in a playoff series they got shut the f*ck down (against the spurs). But the Smeltics aint the spurs, they choke in the 4th quarter of close games. If the Cavs can keep an away game close and steal one in Boston then they might be able to win this series.
I agree that their not a good road team, they have problems playing when under pressure. All the Cavs gotta do is keep it close in Boston and they can win. GarNOT didnt get his nickname for no reason, as skip bayless from espn first take says Garnett is GarNOT in the 4th because he becomes a non factor.

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