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This year, Kobe deserved it. He EARNED it. He finally became the leader everyone wanted him to be. For the first time, Kobe truthfully let go of individual accomplishments for the sake of team success, and that's always a winning combination. In my opinion though, the results of this year's two-man race should have been as close as last year's Nash-Dirk.

The Lakers were 25-10 when Andrew Bynum injured his knee on Jan. 13. They were one of the elite teams in the west from the beginning. They were 28 and 16 when they acquired Gasol on Feb. 1 so they did struggle from after Bynum went down with the injury but kobe cant do everything. Who they suppose to go to down low, Kwame clown? By the time Gasol played the Lakers were 30-16. They went from Jan. 13 to Feb. 5 with no low post presence, and had a 5-6 record in that time so thats the strongest arguement against kobe which is a good one but in the west its like playing playoff games every night. west>>>east

I think that Kobe showed alot of leadership and he became more of a teamplayer then he ever had in the past. Its very close between Chris Paul and Kobe, its a coin flip in my opinion. Im happy to see the award has validity to it again, the past 2 years its been a joke. Dirk Nowitzki is a great player but hes not an mvp.

Lebroom needs to develop more moves on offense. Hes either takin the shot or driving to the basket. Too predictable, no post game. He could abuse other small forwards with his speed and size in the low post. I think hes a great player, #3 after kobe and CP3 overall but talent wise i gotta put him in the top 10-15.