As bad as we may think we have it in terms of owners, it could actually be worst. The Owner of the Sonics as you know sold the 40 year old franchise to a group of investors that as you also know are trying to move the team to Oklahoma. We all know that there is no way Dolan would make such a move, furthermore there is no way David Stern would let it go down.

Which brings me to my next question, why didnt David Stern do more to keep basketball in Seatle? We all remember the glory days of The Sonics with The Reign Man and The Glove, what fan of the game could forget The Denver Nuggets upset? How about that season they being the only team in league history to have every player on their roster to score double digits in a single game. They were one of the teams that the Bulls beat during their run, making part of history in that regard. The Sonics arent The Knicks, Lakers, Sixers or Celtics, but there is history to the franchise.

I say that we get involved with The Save The Sonics movement! Look if Isiah was still Coach and GM of the Knicks then I would say we have our own fish to fry, and maybe because all that was going on with our team that I allowed myself not to pay attention to what was happening to The Sonics. But, I am going to reach out to the people running that movement to let them know they have support from us, just let me know who is down.

Now this has nothing to do with if you like the Sonics, or any of their players or coaches, this about helping an NBA franchise that has some tradition to it keep their home.

Again just let me know if you're down!