Mike D is a great coach, but my only reservation is that we do not have the same peices Pheonix has. Now I think Steph stands the best chance at benefiting from him being the coach of NY, Q was apart of his system, and had his best season under him. I think David Lee has the skill set to play in that offense, But my biggest worries are Zach and Eddy, they are both players who slow down offenses, and that is why a lot of people think Shaq didnt do so well with in his offense. If Eddy slims down he will have the athleticism to work with.

With all that said, this is a ploy to get Chicago to match that type of money the Knicks are offering. Chicago makes more sense for D'antoni, and The Knikcs need to just give it to Mark Jackson. Plus they could probably get Mark Jackson for 2 million a season, with a shorter term contract.

If you were Mark Jackson how would you feel about being a teams second choice?