I did not want to make another poll.

I am making this thread before the Knicks get their draft pick, to see if Donnie Walsh really interviewed the players and this Knick situation he became President of. Do he see it as clear as us Knick Fans?

I know what players should'nt be back next season, but I dont have much confidence in Donnie Walsh in moving any of these Knick players overpaid contracts that really need to be removed from this roster. That is the main reason why he hired coach D'Antoni, to improve these bum players offensive talent so they can be traded in the future (next offseason).

All six of the Knicks young players are easy to trade (Lee, Nate, Balkman, Collins, Chandler, and Morris), and anyone who evaluate any of the Knicks young players on the last remaining games of the season will be fooled at how talented this bunch of players really are. They all know that they are the compensation player to be traded alongside of the Knicks overpaid bum players.

Marbury & Malik Rose ending contracts are very valuable in the trade market this offseason and the trading deadline. So you dont have to be a genious to trade these two players or the six young players.

Now if Donnie Walsh is really worthy of this Knick President Job than lets see how many of the six overpaid bum players on the roster he can trade this offseason. Starting with Jerome James, Zach, Q.Richardson, Jefferies, Crawford, and Curry...