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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    You could tell Orginal Knicksgrandson watched a lot of Star Trek in his life time.

    Anyway, Marbury is going to prove his doubters wrong once a team picks him up. Theres no denying his talent, ability and production.

    Never watched that **** a day in my life chief.

    Originally Posted by MSGKnickz33
    Bigpat is 28 years old, but he seems to throw the most insults of anyone on this site.

    i had problems with original knicks grandson in the past. it ended with private messages. I wont go into detail but i was lookin the other way on some of his posts. He didnt return the if he wants to get sonned again, he needs to bring sumthin more then his one over here writing essays, sonnin these maggots left and right.

    I have no beef with you MSG, I just don't like the pointless insults your boy swings and dosen't ever answer the call when someone diss-agree's with him. And I don't wanna get sonned hahaha I wanna get stoned


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    there goes OKG to smoke the refer
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    The legend continues.

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