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Where Marbury spent his day off on Tuesday?

While the Knicks were in Phoenix taking on the Suns, Stephon Marbury spent the day in Brooklyn, mourning the death of his mentor, Robert Williams aka Mr. Lou.

Williams coached every great player to come through the Surfside Gardens in Coney Island, including Stephon and his brothers (Don, Eric, Norman, Zach), Sebastian Telfair, Quincy Douby, Chris Taft and Jamel Thomas.

“My dad passed away at 3 o’clock, and Stephon was here by dinnertime,” said Robert Williams Jr., 40, Mr. Williams’s son.

Earl Smith, one of Mr. Williams’s former players who is now a personal assistant to Spike Lee, said Mr. Marbury was in the Williams apartment “crying like a baby.”

"People don't know," Sebastian Telfair said. "But that's why Stephon left, to go to Mr. Lou. I wish I had the flexibility and the leverage to do the same, to be there for him and his family at this time."

“Madison Square Garden, that's the Garden for the professionals," Telfair said. "Our Garden is the Garden for street-ball players." Mr. Lou coached Telfair as well as Telfair's older brother and younger brother in the 36 years he held court there.

When asked how many hours he spent at Coney Island's Garden, Telfair grew puzzled by the small increment of time.

"Hours? Hours ... there's a decade's worth of hours there," he said. "He was there for all of it. He taught us everything, everything. I wouldn't be here, none of us could have done it without him."

Perhaps this is what Steph meant when he said that he had permission to leave.
So the media can put marbury on the back of the newspaper when they believe he abandoned the team but they cant correct themselves when they learn the real reason why he left?

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