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That timeline doesn't make sense. Why did he get on the plane to Phoenix in the first place if his intention was to go to the funeral?

For your information, the papers did report this, but speculated the real reason he left. It's been widely reported by media and players who witnessed the incident, that Steph and Isiah got into a fight on the plane because he was being benched. He then blackmailed Isiah, left the team, and THEN found out his mentor died. At that point he decided to fly back to New York for the funeral.

If he left just to go to a funeral, then why the all the hooplah and public hand shaking before games? It doesn't add up.
NO it doesnt. Im guessin marbury found out while he was on the plane, and that Isiah had an issue with him leaving the team to go back to NY....I dont know, nothin makes sense now. Maybe isiah got mad when marbury mentioned that he wanted to go back to NY and then said he would bench him. All we can do is speculate now.