Just to compare who had the most accurate most draft.

Derrick Rose, PG
Age: 19, 6'3", 190 lbs.
Memphis, Freshman

I hate Chicago.
I hope Derrick Rose becomes a bust just like Jay Williams

Michael Beasley, PF
Age: 19, 6'9", 235 lbs.
Kansas State, Freshman

Brook Lopez, C
Age: 20, 7'0", 260 lbs.
Stanford, Sophomore

T'Wolves should trade the 3 pick.

Randy Foye isn't the answer at PG, drafting him over Roy was an awful move. Foye is an undersized SG who isn't really that special.

Al J is awesome, but theres their only legit starter. Jaric, Synder, and Gomes are all bench players.

So T'Wolves need to trade down; and get as much talent as possible. If I was them, I would trade with the Nets #10 and #21. At 10, they can draft Augustin or just the best player available(there will be plenty). At 20, they can grab someone who can compliment Al Jefferson, like Robin Lopez. A safer pick would be Brandon Rush or Chris DR, they need a SG. Brewer is a total bust; McHale is really one of the worst GM's in the league. T'Wovles were very close to having a title but a lot of bad decisions and an unhappy KG kept them from getting to the top. Now its back to the bottom.

Kevin Love, PF/C
Age: 19, 6'9", 255 lbs.
UCLA, Freshman

As for Seattle; drafting Green was a mistake. Green is a tweener, and isn't that great of a PF. Durant should move back to his natural position at SF. Seattle should try to grab Bayless or Kevin Love. Kevin can dominate the paint and shoot outside. He and Durant would be a dangerous duo. Bayless tends to be a ball hog and will take touches away from Durant in the perimeter. Love is a guy who doesn't hang around the perimeter despite being a great shooter. He's a great passer and has good chemistry with his perimeter players. Seattle should consider this move; if not take Lopez who would also match up well with Durant.

They need to move on with Wilcox, Petro and Swift. Bad decisions by the organization. Keep Watson; elite defender and isn't a terrible shoooter...good veteran PG NEEDED for a team with young players...they could draft a franchise PG next year.

The top 3 for Seattle

O.J. Mayo

DeAndre Jordan, C
Age: 19, 7'0", 260 lbs.
Texas A&M, Freshman

Memphis has an unnecessary clog of PG's on their team. Conley is the best PG; he averaged about 15/5/5 shooting over 40% from 3pt range in April. Memphis is solid with Mike Miller; one of the leagues best shooters and can rebound and pass the ball well at the SG position. He's a veteran thats needed; they don't need to move him. Rudy Gay is the best player on the team, an amazing all around talent that can play multiple positions, is a freak athlete, good shooter, rebounder, has moves in the post and is becoming a good defender. But the problem is his game is like Shawn Marion's, you can't depend on him to carry the team. All Gay can do is assist the team with his all around attributes. Memphis could actually use a guy like Zach Randolph; because they already have a shot blocker in Darko. Jordan would be a typical pick for them; if they can improve Jordan's work ethic and the time he puts into practicing basketball; they'll have a monster.

The top 3 for Memphis


6.New York
O.J. Mayo, PG/SG
Age: 20, 6'5", 195 lbs.
USC, Freshman

Where do I start? I've said so much about this team I feel like a broken record.

PG is the most important position. Though Marbury is still a very good PG in the NBA, he has an expiring contract is on the down hill position in his stellar career. Marbury won't be the PG of New York in the future. Therefor we need to fill the PG position with the best available PG's.

What should the Knicks look for in a PG?

Elite skills in creating shots for himself and his teammates
Great work ethic for major improvement and progression each season.
The best passer available.
A guy with range to keep the defense honest.
PG who isn't afraid of the clutch and is willing to take on the leadership role of the team.

With those basic needs; I would rank the PG's like this (Rose would be picked already)

DJ Augustin
Ty Lawson
Russel Westbrook
OJ Mayo
Jared Bayless

Take notice how the the guys at the bottom are actually ranked very high in NBAdraft.net and Draftexpress's mock draft as top 3-10 picks.

Augustin is a sleeper pick Knicks can't pass on.

At SG, its really simple. Mayo is a special prospect and probably the best all around guard prospect in the draft. If he's available Knicks must take him. Crawford's playing style will keep us in a losing position until he's gone from the team. Guarantee this; once Crawford is traded, the Knicks winning % will sky rocket.

at SF, Anthony Randolph won't be a bad pick; but SF is a very easy position to fill in. I would prefer a guy like Joe Alexander who is more skilled, physical and just as athletic; being the superior shooter/scorer.

at PF, we'll be fine with Lee; if he doesn't improve we can seek an improvement later in the future.

at C, Lopez would be the man.

Knicks top 3

Joe Alexander

7.Los Angeles
Jerryd Bayless, PG/SG
Age: 19, 6'3", 199 lbs.
Arizona, Freshman

Brands injury kept the Clippers far away from the competitive top 8 in the West. Maggatte and Kaman did have career years though. So if Brand is healthy, Clippers front court is pretty much set.

But they one of the worst backcourts the NBA. The aging undersized duo of Knight and Mobley won't cut it. Livingston is always injured every season and won't improve because injuries do play an affect in your ability and confidence.

Clippers need to look for the best available guards in this draft. Bayless may fall down, but the farther he'll fall is to the Clippers. Bayless should be the #1 priority for LA. Westbrook would be a 2nd good choice. They don't need Gordan as much because all Gordan is an athletic Cuttino Mobley.

Clippers top 3 prospects


Eric Gordon, SG
Age: 19, 6'3", 215 lbs.
Indiana, Freshman

The best thing you can say about the Bucks is Bogut's improvement. He's now in the range of 15 PPG 10 rebounds and 2 blocks, not bad for a number pick who's still improving. His one on one defense has been good, and is probably the Bucks only good defender.

Villanueva, Williams and Redd are probably the worst at their position on terms of man to man defense. This three some really hurts the Bucks from ever even thinking about contending. Redd isn't a franchise player or a guy that can carry a team. He'll be a great secondary scorer though. Bucks should consider this trade.

Micheal Redd
Dan Gadzuric


Wally Zerb(expiring)
Eric Snow(expiring)
2009 first round pick

Bucks rebuild with some free cap space.

Bucks should consider drafting the best player available since they won't find much at #8

Bucks top 3
Eric Gordon
Danilo Gallinari
Anthony Randolph

Joe Alexander

Anthony Randolph, SF/PF
Age: 18, 6'11", 220 lbs.
LSU, Freshman

J-Rich trade was good for the Bobcats, but now they need a player to compliment Okafor's weaknesses. The ideal player would be Love, but he may not be available for them. Anthony Randolph would be another choice for them, but still a risky position for the Bobcats. Darell Arthur would be the most safe and available pick for them.

Bobcats top 3


10.New Jersey
Danilo Gallinari, SF
Age: 19, 6'9", 209 lbs.
Armani Jeans Milano, International

For the Nets; it comes down to 3 guys. Gallinari, Randolph and Jordan. Joe Alexander could be available as a replacement since Richard Jefferson may be on the trade block. Nets don't have to worry so much since they have a developing young PG with great defensive skills and athletic/speed ability like Harris. Carter, like Redd cannot carry a team. Nets need to either use their two first rounders to try acquire a guy who can bring this team to the playoffs. Or just wait until they get cap space so they can sign Lebron to Jay-Z's orgy.

Nets top 3


D.J. Augustin, PG
Age: 20, 6ft, 181lbs.
Texas, Sophomore

Tinsley is finished; injury prone PG who hasn't improved much at all. They need a PG desperately, and just more talented players period. They're set at SG/SF with Dunleavy/Granger. O'Neill and their other big men are aging and are on the decline. Augustin, McGee, Kosta Koufos, and Darell Arthur would all be very strong picks.

Indiana's top 3

Kosta Koufos

Darrell Arthur,PF
Age: 20, 6'9", 215 lbs.
Kansas, Sophomore

Similar to Indiana, in need of a PG and some big men. Hawes is still developing, a great complimentary player would be Arthur(King Arthur would be a sick nickname too) if DJ Augustin is still avaible, Kings can't pass him up for nothing.

King's top 3 valued prospects
Darrell Arthur
DJ Augustin
Russel Westbrook

Russell Westbrook, PG/SG
Age: 19, 6'3", 187 lbs.
UCLA, Sophomore

Nothing could be better for Portland if Westbrook fell to them. He would fit in perfect with their system. Portland is a borderline playoff team and basically a lock for the players with the return of Oden. Westbrook would pair up with a very good passing and fundamental SG in Roy. Both Westbrook and Roy would compliment and fill each other's gaps.

14.Golden State
Joe Alexander, SF/PF
Age: 21, 6'8", 230 lbs.
West Virginia, Junior

GS should consider trading this pick to obtain an A caliber player. Davis is a B+ caliber player and everyone elso is a B-C+. They need a guy who can compete lead GS against guys like Bryant, Duncan, Paul, Williams, Nowitski, Yao, etc. Davis isn't that dude.

15. Phoenix Suns
Chase Budinger, SG/SF
Age: 20, 6'7", 190 lbs.
Arizona, Sophomore

-Raja Bell is aging, Budinger is a local guy who would enjoy playing with Steve Nash as an athlete who can play the spot up shooter role and also create his own shot; perfect run and gun player for Phoneix.

16. Philadelphia 76ers
Jason Thompson, PF
Age: 21, 6'11", 250 lbs.
Rider, Senior

-This is the Rodney Stuckey of this year's draft. Thompson defines "solid." He's 6'11'' and ready to contribute. Now he'll be fighting for time with Jason Smith and Reggie Evans, but Thompson is a blue collar player who lives to play in the low post. Despite the competition he faced, Thompson is someone scouts will love as a role player.

17. Toronto Raptors

Robin Lopez, PF/C
Age: 20, 7'0", 255 lbs.
Stanford, Sophomore

This team needs a rugged player who defends and rebounds. Robin Lopez won't give them much offensively, but they should not need it. If they want more offense, they should give either T.J. Ford or Jose Calderon to the highest bidder who can provide a scoring punch alongside Bosh.

18. Washington Wizards
Ty Lawson - PG
20 years old; 5'11"; 175 lbs.
North Carolina, Sophomore

19. Cleveland Cavaliers

Kosta Koufos, C
19 years old; 7'1"; 245 lbs.
Ohio State, Freshman

20. Denver Nuggets
Mario Chambers, PG/SG
22 years old; 6'1"; 190 lbs.
Kansas, Junior

21. New Jersey Nets
Donte Greene SF/PF
20 years old; 6'10"; 220 lbs.
Syracuse, Freshman

22. Orlando Magic
Marreese Speights PF/C
20 years old; 6'10"; 245 lbs.
Florida, Sophomore

23. Utah Jazz
Roy Hibbert, C
21 years old; 7'2"; 272 lbs.
Georgetown, Senior

24. Seattle Supersonics
Alexis Ajinca C
20 years old; 7'1"; 225 lbs.
Hyeres-Toulon, International

25. Houston Rockets
Brandon Rush SG/SF
22 years old; 6'7"; 211 lbs.
Kansas, Junior

26. San Antonio Spurs
Nicolas Batum SF
19 years old; 6'8"; 214 lbs.
Le Mans Sarthe Basket, International

27. New Orleans Hornets
Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG/SF
21 years old; 6'7"; 200 lbs.
Memphis, Junior

28. Memphis Grizzlies
J.J. Hickson PF
19 years old; 6'9"; 242 lbs.
N.C. State, Freshman

29. Detroit Pistons
JaVale McGee C
20 years old; 7'0"; 237 lbs.
Nevada, Sophomore

30. Boston Celtics
Wayne Ellington, SG
20 years old; 6'5"; 190 lbs.
North Carolina, Sophomore

I'll re-edit this later; I have more research to do; plus work; plus summer courses =(