Heres a look at the Eddy Curry trade 3 years later

Chicago gets
  • A 2006 #2 first round pick (Lamarcus Aldridge) (Brandon Roy and Rudy Gay were still in the draft then too)
  • A 2007 #9 pick (Joakim Noah) (T YOung Thorton Julian Wright Sean Will were still there)
  • Mike Sweeney (8pts a game with Chicago the season after the trade)
  • Tim Thomas (11 ppg 11 ppg 12 ppg 12 ppg in season after Knicks)
  • Jermaine Jackson (Sucks.. wan't a loss)
New York Gets
  • A #23 first round pick (Wilson Chandler)
  • Antonio Davis (1 year in NYK, 5 ppg) (Later traded for Jalen Rose)
  • Eddy Curry
Just thought I'd recap what that trade was