This is the match up ladies and gentlemen. What a series this will be. Big markets, tradition, star power, on the line for a championship. It does not get any better.

This one of the best times in basketball in recent history. Remember that god awful Spurs-Nets, Spurs-Pistons, Spurs-Cavs, (wow the Spurs have the worst NBA Finals).

This is great. I hope this series is as good as the Superbowl...GO GIANTS, YESSSSS.

Yet my heart is saddened. The New York Knicks are no where to be found. Even the Bulls found greatness in the post-season.

I feel like we are missing the boat on a great era in the NBA. I know management has changed but I still blame the past 2 regimes for where we are now.

But hey who knows. Anything can happen. But we have to place ourselves in a position to do what LA and Boston did. LA has a star player, Boston has cap room unfotunately we have nothing right now.

Chicago sucks, Miami suck and pacers suck too, may be those team will bring back another era with us.

Oh well, this will be a great series.