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For everyone who didnt like my idea of Ron Artest going to the Knicks..my idea might possibly come true. Espn has reported that Artest could land in NY in a possible trade. If anyone has ESPN Insider or any other info on it i'd be grateful to know im really interested in a move as this one. And i guess for all of you that think the Walsh/Artest situation won't work out...if reports are getting out there about this i don't think people think Walsh really gives a **** about the past anymore he wants to win and artest can help out offenvsivley and defensivley. Walsh was pressured in removing someone during that time of the brawl between Indians and Detroit so removing Artest at that time wasn't surprising. He has baggage but most people would take skill and baggage for no skill and no baggage. In this article Artest admits he wouldn't mind playing in NY and had a grin on his face when hearing the idea and saying "Who wouldn't want to?" and that made me wonder if the knicks could really land this guy that would be the biggest move the knicks have made in a while. READ THE ARTICLE...thoughts now?