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    Nyk Logo [NY Knick Sigs Request Thread] (For All)

    Wut up, I would like to bestow one of my talents on to you forum members with sigs made personally by me, Akamu. If you like 'em leave feedback, rep, food or whatever.

    [Template Base:] (UPDATED! 01/14/2009)

    Guidelines to follow (Rules):
    **You must have an entry under the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]**
    **You may pick a NY Knick player or coach or anything related to the Knicks**
    **In Order To Request For A "Personalized" Signature you must have at least 50 posts**
    **I may skip a new member to make someone else a sig. but revert back in time**
    **If you want custom elements in your sig. that is fine but keep it Knick related**
    Do not expect me to create more then one sig. for you, I may update or change a sig. if I feel I did not do a good job on it, but for the most part I will not unless there is good reasoning**
    Please do not send me private messages asking for a signature, POST IN THIS THREAD!**

    Proper way of posting a request:
    (-1-) Pick A Knick = Pick Your Favorite NY Knick player or coach (I will do up to 2 per sig.)
    (-2-) Size = Pick Signature size: (see end of post for image size examples)
    // Max = 520 x 164
    // Small = 430 x 110
    // Custom Shape = Must be no larger then 520 x 164
    (-3-) Additional Elements = Anything special you want done to the signature.
    [Example:] If you want a certain color(s), boarder(s), a flag, specific design or whatever, make sure to put it down.

    How To Add Your Signature:

    Simple Way:
    Copy the link of the picture and paste it in the edit signature box and surround the link with [img] before the link and [/img] at the end of the link.


    Complex Way (Firefox Browser Users):

    1-) "Right click" the signature I post and select "View Image" (a new window opens with the image source)
    2-) "Copy" the "Link" from the "address bar"
    Go to "User CP" > "Click Edit Signature"
    In the "Edit Signature Box" where you normally type, look at the toolbar above, "Click on the icon of a mountain and circle" if you hover over it, it says "INSERT IMAGE"
    A small box pops up, "Paste the URL you copied into the bar"
    Your image shows up, then "Click Save Signature" at the bottom and your DONE!


    [Picture Size Examples:]

    [Max = 520 x 164]

    [Small = 430 x 110]

    [Custom Shape= ?]


    Un-Personalized Signatures (Free For Anyone To Use):






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