the newest mock draft from espn just came out having westbrook being the knicks pick at number 6
this seems like it may actually happen since first offf it makes sense since we need a pg but the knicks have sang his praises since his workout with the knicks

they love how he can control the floor, penetrate, were greatly surprised by his sound shooting, his incredible athleticism, but most of all by his great defense something we need !!!!!

i think westbrook would be one of the best possibilities for the knicks... he has the ability to make an immediate impact for the knicks but if he continues to grow he has all the tools to become a major star in the league

now in this most recent mock draft there were alot of good players that fell late into the draft such as alexander at 8 randolph at 12 lopez jordan etc.

is there anyway the knicks could package someone in order to get another young talent that could develope with westbrook to create a dynamic young core

maybe we could pry the pick away from the bucks or the nets or kings maybe even the raptors or pistons... most of these teams have been rumored to trade with the knicks this offseason