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    Do i want a Rajon Rondo type player on the Knicks? Absolutely i do. What type of question is that. Do i want a top 5 perimeter defender who is still young and has the ability to get better. Rondo can penetrate and lock down the man he's guarding. A jumpshot can be taught over time. Look at Tony Parker he was a medicore jump shooter at best and now he is a deadly mid range shooter. You guys are blinded because Rondo plays on the Celtics. The point is the Knicks aren't going to be a factor next year no matter who they draft. The idea is to finally start to build a team. And you build a team with young talented players.

    You act as if i claim Westbrook is the savior. I obviously would rather have Rose, Beasley, Mayo, and possibly even Alexander (i'd majorly be on the bandwagon if we didn't already have a glut of small forwards). But the fact of the matter is at pick six if things pan out that Mayo is gone i'd rather take a chance on Russell Westbrook then Augustine. I'll even admit that Augustine would make more of an immediate impact his rookie season because he is more polished. But the Knicks aren't close to being a playoff team so do we really need our rookie to make an immediate impact? And now your just becoming bitter old Metro saying you'd rather draft Lee, Chalmers, Rush, and Gordon over Westbrook. Pretty sure Westbrook scored higher then all of those in your personal top ten.

    And come on now. Every single person on this site has preached how we need to be a better defensive team over the last two seasons, and now you say defense isn't important and you pick the best player. Defense wins people.

    I'll give you some quotes about Westbrook since you seem to respond to that.

    Defensively, Westbrook is nothing short of outstanding, as evidenced by the phenomenal work he did locking down the three top scoring guards in the Pac-10 this season, O.J. Mayo, Jerryd Bayless, and James Harden. He is long, strong and very fundamentally sound, getting into a terrific defensive stance on every possession, moving his feet incredibly well, and being absolutely tenacious getting after his matchup. His wingspan, combined with his huge hands and outstanding anticipation skills make him a terror in the passing lanes, and this is a big factor why he spends so much time in transition offensively.

    There might not be a more improved player in the country over the last year or two than UCLA sophomore guard Russell Westbrook. Considered a mid-major recruit leading into his senior year of high school, drawing scholarship offers from schools such as San Diego, Wyoming, Creighton and Kent State, Westbrook benefited from a late growth spurt that saw him shoot up from just 5-10 to 6-3 late in his prep career, and is now a key cog on a Final Four contending team and one of the hottest draft prospects in the country as of late. Obviously a late bloomer, Westbrook remains a raw prospect as far as his skill-level is concerned, but has just about as much upside to continue to improve as any guard in the NCAA not named Derrick Rose.

    His play on the defensive end of the floor is simply suffocating. Westbrook can shadow just about any wing 6-7 or under and should be a top-three perimeter defender in the entire NBA almost immediately. He is superbly quick with his lateral movement and is intimidating in the air on-ball and off-ball as a shotblocker. His extremely fast hands will create many deflections and takeaways while turning routine passes and shot attempts into ones of high degrees of difficulty.

    To sum it up. I'd have no real problems with picking Augustine but in my opinion Westbrook is the better option.
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    1= Mayo - Will be best of all players drafted hands down!!

    2= Alexander - Gallinari was my second choice but everything I see or read on Joe Alexander makes me think he might be best fit with D'Atoni system!
    By far best athlete in draft! Dunks like a white Vince!! Every GM and scout says he is by far the hardest worker too. 6'8 sf who can run , dunk, slash with either hand, dribble with either hand, D's up 1.6 blocks in Big East and has a high basketball IQ! All while only playing 4 years of organized ball! Too much potential to pass on @ 6!

    3= Gallinari- Too much potential ! Has proved all he needs to as far as a pro in Europe against grown men! I see Dirk with mad handle!!!

    4= Westbrook - Has had great work outs! Good solid player!

    from here down we must trade pick down if we dont take any of above!

    5= Randolph- Bosh like maybe?

    6= Augustine - Could be great PG but his height scares me! We can sigh TJ ford if this is the kind of guard we want!

    7= Eric Gordon- Again we can trade for Ben Gordon which I see happening by the way!

    8= Alexis Abjica ( hope I spelled right)- 7'1 out of sneakers! 7'7 wingspan mad hops! Has handed every big in draft workouts! Sick dunk on Brook I cant get off the ground Lopez!

    9 = Kevin Love- Mchale seems to love him and I respect his eye for talent!

    10= definately cant see anyone else if we stick at 6!

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    we have to walk away from the draft with at least one of these three players

    Westbrook----best upside
    D.J Augustin---pure point guard with a game like Nash's

    anyone else won't help us nearly as much as these players will .....Mayo and Augustin will help us now and in the future and Westbrook will show up big on the scene in yr 2 and he'll be a monster in the future

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    Rondo isn't that good, and will have an average career. He's the worst shooting PG in the NBA. Parker always had a mid range game coming from Europe, he never was a 3pt shooter. Rondo has a terrible jumpshot period, from the FT line, from the mid range area and especiallythe 3pt area.

    You build a team with young talented players? Thats bull****. Look at Chicago. They've been doing this young **** for almost a decade and it hasn't work. You need the RIGHT mix of veterans and young talent that compliment each other. What Isiah did the last 4 years is get players with similar styles. Similar playing styles = a lot of clashing on the court, not much chemistry.

    Westbrook isn't that good, he's an amazing defender, and athlete; but he isn't the PG I want for my future. The new era of PG's are emerging and Rose and Augustin will be the top 2 PG's from this draft to join that era of Paul and Williams.
    Augustin is better now, will be better as a rookie, and will have the better career because his attributes outweighs Westbrook.

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    Realistically, the Knicks have a shot @

    Lopez, I can see some teams passing on him.
    Bayless if someone picks Love in the top 5.
    Augustine ( obvious)
    Alexander (trading down)
    Randolph (trading down)

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    1. OJ Mayo- I like everythign I've seen and heard from his workouts and interviews but unlikely he'll be there for us.
    2. Bayless- A great scorer with some PG skills. Definitely not a true point, but an exciting player in the mold of Gilbert Arenas
    3. Danillo Gallinari- I personally believe that this kid will make a very good pro and his passing skills could be great in this offense.
    4. Joe Alexander- Physically gifted and great work ethic. He will be a star, but it will take time.
    5. Kevin Love- Really unlikely he falls to us and not sure if I'd really even want him but if he's there the Knicks have to look at him because he can play.
    6. DJ Augustin- I like him I'm just not sold on his ablility to hold up on defense against bigger guards.
    7. Alexis Ajinca- Apparently he's been great in workouts. Who knows he could actually be the best big man in this draft he is very intriguing but 6 is too high ... trade down?
    8. Russell Westbrook- Everyone wants him to be the next Rondo and he's got the physical gifts to do so but I always find it's unproductive to peg a player as the "next" anyone. Fact is Westbrook and Rondo are different players and further, the first Rondo was the twenty first pick in the draft because one way in which he and westbrook are the same is that they're both projects.
    9. Anthony Randolph- Length, Talent, and potential are all sky-high, but Randolph is a big time project and will take quite a while to develop if at all and apparently his stock is falling at the moment.
    10. Brook Lopez- Solid player but without a high ceiling doubt he's the answer for the Knicks and Ajinca would be a better pick despite the lack of name recognition.

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    1-OJ Mayo
    2-Jarryd Bayless
    3-Brook Lopez
    4-D.J Augustine
    5-Russel Westbrook
    6-Kevin Love
    7-Danilo Gallinari
    8-Joe Alexander
    9-Roy Hibbert
    10-Deandre Jordan

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    Originally Posted by umynot
    Kevin Love- Mchale seems to love him and I respect his eye for talent!

    LMAO McFail Is The Worst GM In The League AND Love Will Be A BUST No Matter Where He Goes, Mark My Words

    **** 10 My Picks Are

    1. Mayo
    2. Augustin
    3. Bayless
    4. Lopez
    5. Gallinari
    6. Westbrook

    I Dont Know Much About Randolph And Alexander

    I Will Be Angry If We Draft Gordan Or Love
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    Gordan yes, I won't be happy. But Love is a great player
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