If you dont know here it is. Walsh may hang within a bigger circle of excutives than Isiah Thomas but his B-Ball thinking on Winning is the same as Isiah Thomas.

If you want to be over critical about draft records, take a look at our current President Donnie Walsh's picks as a Pacer. I'm only going to list the 1st rounders:

1987 Reggie Miller
1988 Rik Smits
1989 George McCloud
1990 None
1991 Dale Davis
1992 Malik Sealy
1993 Scott Haskin
1994 Eric Piakowski
1995 Travis Best
1996 Erick Dampier
1997 Austin Croshere
1998 Al Harrington
1999 Vonteego Cummings
2000 Prinoz Brezec
2001 None
2002 Fred Jones
2003 None
2004 David Harrison
2005 Danny Granger

Looking at the above picks of Donnie Walsh need to be on every Knick-Fan mind, because Walsh has been clueless about draft picks. Pacers were a consistent losing team untill Larry Brown and Mark Jackson put them on the map with Reggie Millers peremeter shooting. When coach Larry Bird replaced Larry Brown and added SG-Byron Scott as Reggie Miller backup with Crochere doing his thang at PF/SF the Pacers had a winning defensive coaching system that did great in the Post seasons games.
Donnie Walsh gets no credit here.

Assistant coach Mike D'Antoni whom got his job because of Marbury & Penny lockerroom chaos that got the Head-Coach Fired in Nov. 2003.
Head coach D'Antoni never paid much attention to college basketball to help out in selecting a decent pick out of the draft for Phoenix.
So Phoenix has sold all their draft picks under coach D'Antoni. Recall Phoenix had a very poor season in 2003-4 and they had the Knicks poor season draft pick too from the Marbury trade (2 first round picks). Yet the Chicago Bulls pulled three Winning players out of that draft in Ben Gordon, Deng, and Nocioni whom all would've fit in perfect in MVP "Nash" uptempo system.
Mike D'Antoni gets no credit here.

So on Thursday Draft Night, we will witness the Trio of Walsh, D'Antoni, and Isiah Thomas decision making on this Knick club.
However, dont worry this draft is about the 2010 plan......