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Wexler (NYC): Not one Knicks question... whats new...

SportsNation Jay Bilas: (4:22 PM ET ) You were the blew it.

Steven (Brooklyn Ny): Disgraceful!! really.. you didnt let that guy ask his knick question... then a guy does and you say "you blew it" unreal... the most exciting fans and news is right here in NYC for the knicks and you are answering questions about pretending to be john paxon?? unreal!

SportsNation Jay Bilas: (4:35 PM ET ) He blew it because he didn't ask me a question. And, I was just KIDDING. I have already had over 2,400 questions in this thing. And, you didn't ask me a question either. What is with you Knick fans?! I will answer one that I find. I haven't answered a Kings question, either, and they won more games.