The Miami Heat have found a taker in their quest to trade the No. 2 draft pick, a source familiar with the situation told Pro Basketball News. The source did not indicate which team would be the Heatís trading partner, or what other draft picks or players are involved.

* The supposed deal will reportedly be announced during or shortly after the draft. According to the source, the Heat will select USC guard O.J. Mayo and trade him. Kansas State forward Michael Beasley is expected to fall to No. 3 -- although not to Minnesota, which is expected to trade down.

* Reports say the Timberwolves are aiming to use their third overall selection to land a veteran, or at the very least, trade down and select West Virginia forward Joe Alexander. Expect Milwaukee to get involved in these talks (if it isnít already). The Bucks are also very high on Alexander and are considering selecing him at No. 8. That is, of course, unless the Wolves get to him first.

* New York is one team rumored to be involved in the sweepstakes for the No. 2 pick, with the Knicks reportedly hoping to land Mayo. If thatís the case, the Heat would likely receive either Stephon Marbury or Jamal Crawford in return, as well as the Knicksí No. 6 pick. As has been reported by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Knicks could also end up with Shawn Marion.

Wow...please trade Crawford + Crawford