Wow, what an idiot. I pity you Knicks4lyfe. You're weakness leads you to blindly follow a fairy tale because you are too afraid to admit that your life is pointless and when you die, nothing happens. Religion is a self defense mechanism because the truth is, life is worthless. There is no point. When you die, nothing happens. It is merely the end to your being. I'd love to believe that there was some magical being that gave a **** and that I'd be rewarded for being a good person, but anyone using reason can see that such an occurence is far too convenient. Grow up. Your argument was pointless. A prophecy? Its a symbolic story where later meaning was found of it. No different than Nostradamus. A real prophecy would be that God said Jack Simms of 12 Oakride Lane in Toronto Canada would die in a car accident on June 12, 2004 from a drunk drive. Some crappy story of animals and horns that centuries later is interpreted as meaning something is not evidence.

Plus, god cannot be omnipotent. Omnipotence is a contradiction and thus impossible. More evidence there isn't god.

Oh, and try reading a REAL book for once. Evolution is proven. Everything is a 'theory.' Hell, gravity is still considered a theory. What do you think holds us down on earth, magic god power? Take your head out of your ass. There are many documented facts and studies as to how creatures in the past cenutry alone have evolved. One example is a snake that had a poisonous frog added to its environment by man in Australia. People brought the foreign creature, and it started killing snakes that ate it. After 50 years, snakes stopped dying. Why? The snakes couldn't eat them because they wouldn't fit in their mouths. Only the ones born with small mouths survived and reproduced. Thats evolution.

Enlightenment is scary. Life is pointless, no god, no afterlife. But it is the truth. Hopefully you realize that before you waste your life. I know my argument won't change your mind, and hell, anything you say won't change mine, I'm just hoping you don't waster your life worshiping a being that is as real as Harry Potter.