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    Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls, tonights matchup is one of the most talked about and contraversal subjects in all the world!!

    We have a classic bout prepared for you and it will be an ongoing event for the ages!

    In the BLUE corner, we have the highly popular and supernatural, "Creation"

    In the Green corner, we have the metamorphic theory which to be known as, "Evolution"

    Let us keep this fight clean, no hitting below the belt "cough" TunerAddict enough with the name calling, there is really no need to being calling a person stupid and etc. for having an opposing belief or view!

    Ok in all seriousness, the subject of "religion" is extremely complicated (obviously.)

    I will give some of my own input...

    Originally Posted by rady
    I've watched those clips and they seemed pretty weak, nothing convincing. However, religion is as someone mentioned some time ago here, just a matter of belief. It's really your choice if you're into it or not. I have read the bible, trust me, many times, as i too was a convinced christian some time back, and the reasons i stopped caring are strictly personal, zeitgeist was just something to strengthen my feelings, not the cause.

    As far as the bible goes, i do agree with TunnerAddict. It's well know the fact that the bible is just borrowed elements and plagiarism. It can easily be interpreted and it always was. For me, the bible is just a tool to serve the interests of the masters of the world. So many crimes have been made in the name of God (crusades, inquisition) and yet the church has given no apology for that..
    Yeah, it is a matter of belief, that is why I said for anyone who may read this thread to do their own research on the subject, see the different views, beliefs, religions, and all that and come up with their own conclusion on what they may think is true or not.

    Why did you stop caring, if you do not mind sharing?

    The zeitgeist "movie" is not entirely true, some things from it can be made credible but I wouldn't say it's 100% accurate.

    To my knowledge and what I believe is that, the Bible is the word of God, what I have read seems to be very credible, makes sense and can be adapted to this present day.
    I agree that there IS masters of this world as you call them, but the Bible is certainly NOT a tool used by them, they have other interests and beliefs that STRONGLY differ from what the Bible says.

    Originally Posted by TunerAddict
    Exactly. Science has evidence, things that support it. Religion does not. I notice my evidence of evolution was never challenged by you nuts and simply ignored because you couldn't refute.

    But LJ makes one of the greatest points. Everyone else is wrong? How are you so sure you're right. I mean, there are countless branches of Christianity, countless religions beyond that, and you think that they are all wrong and you, the minority, are right? Damn...
    There is a lot of evidence supporting religion aka "creation" theory in this debate, Since when was it not, are you smoking brother? In fact creation has more evidence proving it more credible then evolution.

    Let me see your "evidence of evolution."

    All and all, there are many similarities between most if not all of the religions floating around, that is why I keep an open mind on this subject. Make no mistake though, I do believe there is a higher divine spirit out there. I will just call this spirit or supernatural presence "God" and as of now I consider myself to be Christian, as I have been for many years, but again I may be skeptical on the whole subject but I keep my faith.
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