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Even though I live my life to God's standards, but just don't believe in him, I am not righteous and will therefore not recieve everlasting paradise? That is the definition of an egomaniac. I must worship him in order to live to his standards. So, I will therefore not worship an egomaniac.

And again, 75% of the world is not living to his standards, because they do not worship the same God you talk about. Very arrogant.
You cannot be living according to Gods will if you refuse to worship him. That is part of living and doing Gods will. Recognizing him as God alone. Since he is the very reason for your existence. Do you recognize your parents for them being your parents? Or do you ignore them? Do you give them their due respect for being your parents? Or do you ignore them? If you respect them as I suspect you do, why not the same for God? Is he asking to much for you to respect him for him creating you?

No they worship the God of this system of things. The one who mislead Eve and the one who has blinded the minds of the unbelievers.

You either worship God, or you unknowingly (or even worse, knowingly) worship the adversary. God has fitted the adversary and his followers for death for good reason. But the adversaries followers more than likely choose to do so. Some have done so out of ignorance which God has granted a reprieve for them. But those who just refuse out of choice....