All the rumors of NBA trades and mock draft selections will be revealed on draft night.

Some NBA teams will build for success, some may stay the same, and some may make decision to become next season Lottery Team, all from this 2008 draft. The 2007 Draft we had the 2008 Championship Boston Celtics traded their pick for one of the Boston Three Parties that won the war.

What Manager in the NBA on this 2008 Draft Night has a sure fire plan mapped-out for an outstanding season of success?

It should be well known that I am not a great fan of the Indiana Pacers President Donnie Walsh who is now the New York Knicks President of operation. He had three months to pick a Vice President or General Manager to help him with the "desperate Knick roster" who could use alot of help in their coaching staff and player personel. Previous repeated 23 win seasons is the factor here.

Donnie Walsh wants three (3) years with a 2010 plan to go after a Super Star like Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, or Bosh. Which happens to be a 20% chance of ever happening. Did the Boston Celtics having Super Star SF-Pierce and star SG-Ray Allen have anything to do with Super Star PF-KG approving the trade (clause in contract) to go to the Boston Celtics?

Donnie Walsh hired a celebrity winning Head Coach D'Antoni, to persuade star players and their agents to want to be apart of this Knick Organization. However, that is all good, but...... for that to work successfully Donnie Walsh will have to show how strong his leverage of power and knowledge as the Knicks President of Operations are by comming out a successful winner in this 2008 Draft. He have to do alot more than just selecting a 6th pick from the draft.

Do the hard New York Knick Fans want to see some positive results at the start of next season from Donnie Walsh? please feel free to answer