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    Default Final Trade Proposals!

    If we do the Lee trade and get 5th and sixth

    Use one Pick to draft Love, use the other to Draft Bayless or Gordon, send that pick with Zach Randolph to Philly. Philly would be dumb not to take a package containing the two peices they need to be an elite team, as SG and Scoring Rebounding PF. We in turn take their 16th pick and Love is our new PF.

    or the less likely to happen scenerio....We do the Lee trade, we draft Lopez and Alexander (Galinari will never play for Minny) and trade them and to Minny for Mayo. The Wolves need both a SF and Center, and they get them both. Mayo is going to be a star but they do not need a player at his position and McCants is not going to be easy to move if they draft Mayo.

    Final Move: We don't trade Lee, and we Draft Bayless or Gordon (whoever Philly likes) and send them and Zach to Philly for Evans and their pick. Lee now is our starting PF and maybe we draft Randolph from LSU if he is still on the board.
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    No offense, but these are unrealistic. Theres way too many rumors going out right that are hurting my head. When I came in here I was expected a legit source instead of a fantasy trade. Its a positive idea, but right now this forum needs legit accurate sources, we'll discuss fantasy ideas after the draft.

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    I thought this post had a draft day trade in affect

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    too many draft threads, we only need about 3 not 1000
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