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    Default ESPN Chat with Chris Sheridan

    Andy (Denver, CO)

    Does Melo really think the Knicks will challenge the Heat during the years to come in Eastern Conference? If he is truly committed to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] a championship (rather than a lifestyle choice), he should compete in the post-Kobe Western Conference.
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:03 PM)

    If the Knicks added Melo, at the right price in a trade or as a free agent next summer, they'd compete with Miami through 2015, maybe longer. Both Amar'e and Melo would be under contract through then. Plus he'd get to live in New York, which is where he want to be.

    Gregg (NY)

    Any chance the Knicks can pull a Lakers and get a steal for Carmelo like LA did with Pau Gasol? And only give up one from this group of three: Chandler, Gallo and Fields?
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:06 PM)

    As I've been tweeting, and as I said in today's writers roundup, I think their last best [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] would have to be Gallinari, Fields, Curry and a No. 1 via Randolph. But I don't think they're offering Fields right now. Bill Walker? Yes. But not Fields or Chandler. If they keep playing well, there's no need for them to put Fields into their offer. That's why it could be a game of chicken right up until Feb. 24.

    Andrew (Brooklyn)

    Are all other teams out? Say the Lakers put together a package for him, is Melo really going to say "I'm not interested?"
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:10 PM)

    The Nuggets need to make this a rebuilding trade, which is why they were willing to do the earlier [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] for Favors and two No. 1s. The Lakers aren't giving them Pau Gasol. The Nuggets aren't taking on Bynum's contract, especially given his current medical condition.

    Bob (New York)

    Do you think there's any truth to the Mayo to Knicks rumor? Seems like that would only require more gutting of the team, in addition to what we'd have to do to get Melo. Why not just focus on Melo?
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:14 PM)

    It's plausible that the Mayo rumors are somehow part of the whole Knicks-Nuggets equation. If NY could get Mayo and move him along as part of a three-team deal, that might be the player the Nuggets would want to have alongside Gallinari on the wings.

    JB (PDX)

    So, assuming the "Knicks-only" scenario is true, what happens if Denver holds Melo past the deadline? Will the Knicks have enough cap space during the off-season to sign Melo outright?
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:17 PM)

    I am glad you brought this up, JB, because it gets interesting. ...
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:20 PM)

    Carmelo is under contract through next season, but he has an opt-out (actually an ETO, basically the same thing). So Carmelo is not considered an expiring contract, and he remains tradeable right up until June 30 if the Nuggets hang onto him past the deadline. Also, the extension that's sitting on the table is good through June 30, too. This is a piece of leverage the Nuggets hold over the Knicks, because NY needs to make the trade by Feb. 24 in order to include Eddy Curry's expiring contract in the deal. And you need the Curry [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] to make the salaries match.

    Brian (Phoenix, AZ)

    Give me the odds of the Carmelo Anthony trade happening, 50% ? 70% ?
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:25 PM)

    75 percent.

    larry (nyc)

    Chris, with the Knicks on a serious hot streak, does it change their mentality with regards to Melo? Do they still think they really need him to get to that next level if it means giving up pieces who have been catalysts for this [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] streak?
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:32 PM)

    They're not fooling themselves into believing they are an elite team as currently constructed. They have a nice winning streak going, but their recent wins against Washington, Minnesota and Toronto all went down to the final minute. Any of those games could have gone either way, and those are not strong teams.

    Danny (Bronx, NY)

    What is the Knicks plan B if they don't get melo?? I'm hearing Iggy rumors...any truth to it??
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:43 PM)

    If they don't get him in a trade, they get him as an unrestricted free agent without giving up anything off their current roster. That's Plan B, and it's a good Plan B.

    Erik ((NYC))

    Why is the thinking that all of sudden Melo is incapable of playing in D'Antoni's system, when all he did was flourish under his [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] of play in the Olympics? I think Melo is more diverse of a player than people are giving him credit for.
    Chris Sheridan
    (2:48 PM)

    Melo was the MVP of the 2006 Team USA in Japan (only American to make first-team all-tournament), and he and DWade were the two most clutch players for Team USA at the Beijing Olympics. So you make a very valid point Erik. Also, D'Antoni and Coach K used Melo at the 4 in Beijing. D'Antoni would use him there in NY, too, with Amare at the 5, if he didn't want to start Turiaf. Right now, D'Antoni is more comfortable with Stoudemire starting at the 5 with Turiaf coming of the bench.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Sheridan is just reiterating what alot us have been speculating about

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