The Knicks will eventually have to bring in someone who can defend. This team sucks defensively. Blame Zach and Eddy all you want but this is a 5 Man game. If our guys can't keep there man in front of them our post guys will be getting killed with speed mismatches. Metro, didn't you say Boris Diaw was an all star too? You've shown that most poster here have Stockholm Syndrome. I'm a alpha male. You stupid child screaming and ranting is so played out. Why would I be afraid of you, you punk amatuer? You really think Gallinari can compete with the top tier SF in the league, then you're an idiot case closed. Why would LeBron who everybody is going to try to go after in 2010 ever come to the Knicks? Every top tier team in the League has a big 3 of sorts. Boston, LA, SA, Detroit, Phx, etc. That was what we should have tried to do. Build an Top 3. However, we take a kid that has not got NBA bulk, but he sure can shoot!(Wasn't what the scouts said about Bargnani, Reddick, Morrison, Hurley, Laetner YAWN!!! Should I continue?) In 2 years, fans will look back and realize yesterday was the day we made sure Lebron James signed with Chicago, who in 2010 will have 9 Milli on the books. Anyone one who has this guy pencilled in as a difference maker is off their meds.