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After watching this draft, just another example of how management doesn't give a **** about the fans. Let's face it folks the top tier talent in this draft was picks 1-5. I hope this ends the long rumors about Patrick Ewing having been a conspiracy because we sure as hell could've used some of that "luck" this past week.

But getting back to this years draft...some say Joe Alexander, some say DJ, others say we should have taken Bayless. First off, the draft is like a box of chocolates. I've seen big names from college turn out to bomb, I've seen 2rd'ers become All-Stars consistently year to year. There is no guarantee of NBA level success.

To me it would've been smarter to trade down the 6th pick...and in return get two 2nd round picks instead. To me there was alot more raw talent in this year's draft of guys who atleast look like they can be molded into what we used to have around here "hustle players".

I'm not blind for a second to think race might not have played into this decision, not to mention slight nepotism. Right now, KNICKS ain't ****. Need more whites on the team to help sales. Yes, winning does cure all..and making money comes with it. But when the team is in such shambles..gotta draw that majority purchasing power to the arena. For sure, doesn't hurt marketing to have some white faces on the team while you're trying to attract that money.

But getting back to straight basketball, you picked a European player. With them, it's hit or miss. Period. Sure he could turn out to be like Dirk Diggler down in Dallas, and he could turn out to be Darko Da-Bust down in Orlando. Hit or miss. He's 19, and only 209. Sure he can still grown, question is can be play the physical side of NBA ball. Especially, in NY. We have enough SF'S on this team. And can't move Q, Jeffries right now.

This thankfully will be Marbury's last season with NYK. I can't say I won't be sad to see him go. He just has never proven himself to be a team leader. Period. Then man is too old for people to still be using the P word "potential". Crawford is not a winner with what .307 average? The unfortunate thing is...he's all you got because other teams over the last 5-6 years drafted well except us. Where the hell has our scouting department gone?

Still not sure about Dantoni...we needed a defensive coach...either Thibedoux or Avery Johnson is what we needed. Instead of getting the reliable Camry, we took the inflated Porsche on this one with all the bells, whistles, and options.

Running and gunning in the east? It's just not to formula. We needed to get back to what we've always been..a city built on defense. In the east you play grind out, slow, and yes DETROIT BASKETBALL.....!! You've seen them go back to their old ways for the most part and over the last 6 years was highly successful. We are trying to create something that ironically, is foreign to us. The Knicks a high scoring run and gun machine? Nah it just ain't us. We just simply break out the shotgun and blow u away...we don't use uzi's.

So here's to the KNICKS...hoping we can get a Lebron...or something in 2 years. And finally have some cap room...because I mean..**** Boston just got number 17. I'm 24...soon to be 25...before I'm dead I want us to be at atleast 6.
All indications are that Walsh will look to trade David Lee, a white guy, so that pretty much kills your race theory. Not that it should matter but before you go on another 'it's racism' tangent, I'm black and this is my point of view. Hopefully the garlic statement was just a joke cause it was a little racist.

On one hand you say the top tier talent was 1-5 but then you suggest trading down? Everyone needs to relax and realize that Knicks fans just aren't as smart when it comes to evaluating talent as they would like to think they are. Frankly some Knicks fans are the skid mark on the underpants of society. I've been posting up here long enough to draw this conclusion.

Gallinari will play well for us.