I think you make some big mistakes.
First of all, you underrate european basketball: generally speaking you underrate all basketball that is not NBA. And that is a bad mistake.
An then, you judge a player (Gallinari) that you have never seen playing.
I saw Danilo playing so may times in the last three years, and I can assure you he is an amazing player. He has a great tecnique, he can shot from every point of the court, he can go to the basket in penetration, he can play in post, back to the basket. He is a very good difensive player and he has a great mental strenght. I think it's a very good choise for New York Knicks: I'm sure you all will be very happy of him in the next seasons.
Good luck for the next season, I hope Knicks could have a winnig-season.

Sorry if my english isn't perfect!