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It's good to know you can laugh when you're wrong. You must be laughing your ass off all day every day.

You think professional sports is like any other work place? If there is any bias when drafting players, it's against euro players. Idiots like you think every euro player is Darko Millicic.
Did I say professional sports is like any other workplace. NO. But sports mirrors every other workplace when it comes to discrimination. You ever heard of the Rooney rule in football??? How many D1 NCAA football coaches are black??? You must be one of those colorblind society people. My point is that I have respect for the world players that come here and go to college like the American players do. They learn are game the way we play and are ready to go to the NBA. But all these "project players" from Europe are doing is stealing jobs from American born players. You must not have been a Knicks fan for very long because after the Fredric Weiss debacle every Knick fan should be wary of the next big thing from Europe.