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    Default Draft Night Grades

    Boston Celtics
    Round 1: J.R. Giddens (30)
    Round 2: Bill Walker (47), Semih Erden (60)

    Grade: B
    -Celtics got two future replacements for Allen and Pierce. Giddens and Walker are considered the most athletic guys in the draft and Celtics got them. Erden will never come to the NBA, so its just a wasted pick. Gidden and Walkers are guys who could contribute right away. All Boston needs is a back up PG. Their bench is Giddens/Walker/Powe/Davis. Very young, tough, and talented.

    New Jersey Nets
    Round 1: Brook Lopez (10), Ryan Anderson (21)
    Round 2: Chris Douglas-Roberts (39)

    Grade: A

    Nets grabbed a top 3 talent and the best center prospect at 10. Lopez is very similar to Kaman, he won't ever be a go to guy in the NBA, but he will be a great 2nd option or complimentary big man. Anderson is one of the best shooters/scorers in the draft, Nets desperately needed scoring with loss of Jefferson and they just needed shooting period, Anderson was a great addition. CDR was projected top 15-25 for most of the year, but he fell to 39. A big steal for New Jersey, they got a wing player to replace Jefferson. To top it all off, New Jersey got a top 5 lottery talent in Yi, who will suprise a lot of people next year.

    New York Knicks
    Round 1: Danilo Gallinari (6)

    Grade: B+

    Knicks went with the 2nd best pick available. What people need to understand is that Gallinari is FIT for the system. Turnover prone low basketball IQ guys like Gordon and etc don't belong on this team, we already got Crawford to make bonehead plays. Gallinari is a slashing SF with elite passing skills and is a smart unselfish player. That sounds crazy right? Thats because we never had a player like that since the 90s. Gallinari has a lot of potential and will be an all star. D.J. Augustin was first on my board, but it'll be okay since there will be other PG prospects in the future.

    Philadelphia 76ers
    Round 1: Marreese Speights (16)

    Grade: A
    -Speights is a potential Al Jefferson steal. Al Jefferson wasn't picked in the lottery, but looked how te turned out to be. Speights isn't the most athletic guy, but his style is so similar to Al J, this is what Philadephia needed, a PF who can bang and score in the paint. This was the best pick for them getting a guy who would of been a top 5 pick next year in the 16th pick of this year. Philadephia is on the rise on the East, so watch out. The Atlantic division continues to get stronger and stronger

    Toronto Raptors
    Round 2: Nathan Jawai (41)

    Grade: A
    Jawai is a power bigman who was a projected a first round pick. Raptors are soft in the paint and they got a warrior in Jawai who's probably the most physical big man in this draft, this is a good fit for Toronto and they picked the best player available.

    Chicago Bulls
    Round 1: Derrick Rose (1)
    Round 2: Omer Asik (36), Sonny Weems (39)

    Grade: B
    -**** Chicago

    Cleveland Cavaliers
    Round 1: J. J. Hickson (19)

    Grade B-
    -Hickson is good, but Koufus and Arthur would of been better picks.

    Detroit Pistons
    Round 2: Walter Sharpe (32), Trent Plaisted (46), Deron Washington (59)

    Grade: D
    -Most of these guys will end up in Europe and probably not even end up seeing Detroit. Detroit is on the decline.

    Indiana Pacers
    Round 1: Brandon Rush (13), Roy Hibbert (17)

    Grade: B
    -Getting rid of an old ass injury prone low FG% shooting J-O'Neal for a young elite prospect PG in Ford and for a defensive, solid offensively role playing center in Rasho is a good move. Rush will be a good role player off the bench. Hibbert is a center they needed since they lack size. Solid moves for Indiana. They still will be mediocre.

    Milwaukee Bucks
    Round 1: Joe Alexander (8)
    Round 2: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (37)

    Grade - B-
    -Alexander won't start since Jefferson is now a Buck He would be a nice back up SF/PF for the Bucks.
    I don't know where Mbah a Moute will be play since they're loaded at the SF position.

    Atlanta Hawks
    Round 1: None

    Round 2: None

    Grade: Incomplete

    Charlotte Bobcats

    Round 1: D.J. Augustin (9), Alexis Ajinca (20)
    Round 2: Kyle Weaver (38)

    Grade: A+
    -Augustin is the best pure PG in the draft, a very good PG prospect for them.
    -Ajinca is the best center prospect in this draft. He can run the floor at 7"1, he's an animal on defense, he loves to get physical and bang, and surprisingly he has a jumpshot from 3pt range. Imagine Tyson Chandler with a jumpshot.
    -Weaver is the best perimeter defender in the draft, Bobcats needed D and they got. Really good draft for the Bobcats, won't be surprised if they sneak in the playoffs.

    Miami Heat
    Round 1: Michael Beasley (2)
    Round 2: Mario Chalmers (34), Darnell Jackson (52)

    Grade: A
    -The made the right choice sticking with Beasley, a perfectly sidekick for Wade and got the best player in draft @ 2
    -Getting Chalmers is HUGE. He's the PG that Wade needs, a defensive PG with a jumpshot. I see him being a starter in Miami soon, so they got a real steal with that addition.
    -Jackson is a solid big man, Chalmers teammate that adds front court depth.

    Orlando Magic
    Round 1: Courtney Lee (22)

    Grade: F
    -Orlando failed. They got Bogans, Evans, and Reddick, Lee isn't really that different. The only big man Orlando has is Dwight, they couldn't get one in the draft? They got exposed by Detroit because Detroit has a deep bench of big men and Orlando doesn't. Dwight can't do it by himself, and Lewis is the most ***** guy playing the 4 in the NBA since he hangs around the 3pt line all the time. Orlando needed someone like Koufus to play center and move Dwight to PF. Koufus could shoot, rebound and has a post game. Orlando failed this draft.

    Washington Wizards
    Round 1: JaVale McGee (18)

    Grade: D
    -Just an upside pick. They needed a PG or a big man who can contribute right away. McGee isn't that guy.

    Dallas Mavericks
    Houston Rockets
    Memphis Grizzlies -
    New Orleans Hornets
    San Antonio Spurs

    Golden State Warriors
    Los Angeles Clippers
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Phoenix Suns-
    Sacramento Kings

    Denver Nuggets
    Minnesota Timberwolves
    Portland Trail Blazers
    Seattle SuperSonics
    Utah Jazz
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