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Coaching the Knicks could ruin D'Antoni's career if he doesn't turn things around. Honestly, so far, the moves look like Isiah moves to me. The are flashy and don't seem to address the needs of the team.

You guys are fooling your selves if you think Randolph is useless. He was our best player last season and should start as center. Curry's out, trade him with Lee. (I've only posted that statement three times now) Gallinari should fit in well with the Knicks. I'd like to see him play along side Chandler. We should have a nice squad next season. Can't wait to see what the do in summer league!
i like zach and i think hes very talented...but hes not a team player and he will need to do alot of work on his conditioning. I rarely...almost never see him give effort on defense. I know once in a while he shows potential that he could be a good team defender...even KG's bitch ass stated that. The 2 of them obviously went head to head alot when they were both in the west. But we saw zach shooting against triple teams and making too many stupid plays. I cant deny his talent. He cant get off the ground but he still put up 23 and 10 with portland. One thing i have to consider is that if anyone can get zach to be less selfish on offense its dantoni. Im also lookin forward to the summer league games...cant wait im about to check the thread to see when they start.