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There was a thread on this topic a few months back when rumors circulated that Davis was interested in playing for the Knicks. I was all for it then and I'm still all for it. We can not win with Marbury. If we could have we already would have. I don't want to hear all of this **** about every other player on the team f'ing up and Marbury being the misunderstood good guy. He's not a leader and from reading his interviews he still has no indication of understanding that he has been a problem and he needs to change.

Davis put the team on his back during their brief playoff run. He's still got it. The fact that it is perceived that he's lost a step can work in our favor or the favor of the next team he ends up with. We wont have to pay him much. I'd throw him a bone, say four years 24 million. Matter a fact, trade Marbury/Crawford for Davis and Jackson.
i see your point but throwin bones is what got this team in this mess in the first place...walsh said he aint gonna sign any big time contract players untill 2010 so i'd leave the big names befroe 2010 for other teams to look at.