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    Default As a Georgetown fan...

    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Ewing is a great athlete, with great basketball IQ and is a great defender also.
    We're pretty loaded at SF/PF though. Maybe if we trade Jefferies and Randolph, he's welcome to the Knicks anytime.

    He's going to do good in Sacramento.
    I agree completely. As a G'town fan, I watched almost all of Ewing Jr.'s games the past two years, and he really has this intangible quality that can't be measured. I know this stat is often used in hockey and not basketball, but I am pretty sure Ewing Jr.'s +/- was up there in terms of leading college basketball. It was pretty unbelievable how Gtown played when he was on the floor, literally an instant spark. Not sure how that will translate into the NBA, but he is definitely a great athlete and defender, and he can take it to the hole and shoot outside jumpers pretty well. I think of him as an upgrade to Jerome Williams, and I think he'll have that same type of career (but with more offensive potential).
    Stop hatin on Starbury! Before Larry Brown and Isiah ruined his stats and dropped his ppg and apg to 19.7 and 7.8 respectively, only one other player in NBA history boasted a career average of at least 20 ppg and 8 apg...Oscar Robertson.

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    Originally Posted by Hayato
    I wouldn't say the reasons for picking him up are completely sentimentally-based because he could be a good asset for this team. Even Donnie Walsh was interested in him

    <TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=3 width="90%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR> <TD>Quote:</TD> </TR> <TR> <TD class=quote>Walsh said he'd been trying to obtain a second-rounder with an eye on taking 6-8 forward Patrick Ewing Jr. of Georgetown. Walsh said he thought Ewing Jr. could be a solid NBA player. So do the Kings, who made him the 13th selection in the second round, No. 43 overall.</TD> </TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    As a Knick fan, I was hoping he'd go undrafted but the Kings took him. The Knicks have tons of people they can trade and if there can be huge draft-day trades such as sending Richard Jefferson to the Bucks and the Nets receiving Yi Jianlian or the Pacers sending Jermaine O'Neal to Toronto for all that compensation, or even sending 3rd overall selection OJ Mayo to Memphis THE NIGHT HE WAS DRAFTED, I don't see it being that hard for the Knicks to get Patrick Ewing Jr. Heck, maybe the deal could include Ron Artest. Regardless, should the Knicks make the move?

    Here's another reason why it'd be nice for the Knicks;
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    you also have to realize that because his father was a great Knick the pressure on him is great, even for a second rounder. People will think and hope that one day he's gonna break out and become his father all over again. I like him i honestly thought that he was a PG idk, i played as him in nba2k8 and saw patrick ewing jr a PG so i thought he was smaller but w.e i always feel that talent like ewing is hereditary and if his son really tried he could become a great player.

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