I'm not a Marbaury hater nor am I a die hard supporter, so my feelings are not inspired by anything other than wanting the best for my favorite team.With that in an egg shell.....why is our top priority to acquire a PG? What about Steph's game does not translate into the D'antoni system? Granted he is not the playmaker Nash is, but it is not at all unrealistic to think Steph can stil get 8 or 9 assist a game. He is a PG that likes to push the ball, and I thought that was the cornerstone of the Dantoni offense. Is Steph the best PG in the league, quite frankly, hell no! But he can still put up solid numbers. Really I think Steph could still easily average 16 and 8, now again he is not the best PG in the league, but name me another PG that the Knicks realistically have a shot at acquiring that is better, Kirk Hinrich is the only one that comes to mind, but 1. I don't think it is realistic to think we could get him, and 2. Steph playing at a high level is better than Hinrich. I know that he is in the final year of his deal so we have to consider his replacement, but say we trade Lee for Felton and Steph comes back like he for the final three months of the 06/07 season we would have a big problem. Look I have always been a fan of Nash even when he was still with The Mavs, but there is noone in the world that would have ever thought that he would be the PG he is today. The freedom of Dantoni's system really helped him evolve. Now Nash is very unselfish, and sorry to say Steph has not shown that, but I honestly believe that he'll do anything to see The Knicks win, and I also think that he wants to dead the notion of being a "coach killer" so he'll do what is asked of him.

My point (no pun intended) is that I don't see the major need. Now had we gotten the number 1 and we had a shot at Rose then that is no brainer, but I didnt understand why we were thinking of trying to convert players like Mayo,Bayless and Westbrook into PGs over a ready made NBA PG? It just seemed a little too desperate a move considering we do have a quality PG. Maybe there is some bad blood between Steph and Dantoni from Pheonix, because it doesn't make sense that he wouldn't atleast give him one season to try to run this team.