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**** this site, get the **** out the crib, site should be shut down so ya bumbass kids like metro, ill be forced to go out and do something productive, ****in losers, tell rady to ban me off this wack ****

now you're afraid to say ***** after I exposed you?
Shows how serious you take the internet.

lol @ you calling everyone a loser because everyone here thinks your some wigger with no insight or knowledge in the NBA.

Akamu, don't waste your time. This site was GOOD without these clowns and will continue to get better. They could cry all that want, showing their sexual frustration in life and taking it out on here. Thats their problem. Don't let it distract the site.

If you guys don't like the site, then GTFO...its not like you have anything else better to do. I got my own life ahead of me, but I love this site because it has the most diverse group of Knick fans, and there are A LOT of quality posters in this site. This may not be the biggest Knicks forum, but quality > quantity. No one is going to miss you, so spend your whole day writing a **** you speech, everyone will just read over it just like the rest of your garbage post.