This is the end for Marbury. Forget about your blind loyalties, forget about him not showing up for games after he was removed from the starting line up, forget about his reputation for being a selfish player which has now unfortunately become his legacy. Love him or hate him, there are more reasons to rid the team of Marbury then there are reasons to keep him. Now reports have surfaced that Marbury may be out of shape. This new Knicks season will be the final test of his career if he even shows signs of making it to a new season.

This isn't a post of hate. This is the post of an author (me,the don) who was once an advocate of Starbury and a dreamer that believed that Curry would grow in to more. But advocates are often wrong and dreams some times die, and Starbury is no more. For some of you that's like telling a kid Santa hates poor people. (It's true he's a real prick.) But this is something we must come to terms with. We can not win with Mabrury. His attitude is bad, he sulks and then makes excuses for his poor disposition. It never changes. Once you're 30 years of age, you are who you are for the most part.

Best course of action:

Release Marbury. Free him from his overwhelming responsibilities of steering this sinking ship. No trade, just a quick release (no homo, but happy ending for us all). Wave by to Lee and bring in Felton. He's our best shot to rebuild and not bring on additional salary.