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So Steph's replacement is Baron Davis? No way. Baron's another perennial loser. He just isn't the type of player that you'd see on championship teams. I'd only bite on this if there are picks going to us involved, and/or has us unloading a big contract But in a straight up replacement scenario with Marbury, I'd rather we stick with Marbury. We'd only get the same results with Baron Davis. Actually most probably even worse. And if it does go down and ends up with him having a long term contract, I don't know what to say about Knicks management. But honestly I don't see Baron Davis seriously ending up with the Knicks.
I agree completely, Davis also has a series of injuries that would make him a potential bust deal. Davis only works in a high tempo team with a lot of scorers, we don't have that, and Davis team was only an 8th seed at best with the worst defens in the NBA.