I like Lebron James but yall people seriously need to stop talking about him like he is the only good player that will be available, what about D-Wade? or how about we talk more about free agency and what's going on now.

It really pisses me off that the Nets are moving to Brooklyn, I was hoping they'd move to Newark like they planned to do. Not only do I not like this move (would had rather had the Jet's move here) but I don't like Jay-z for personal reasons. He has some songs I still like but him as a person and what he represents he's just another piece of trash to me. If Lebron would rather move to the Nets (he never said that exactly but it looks more clear) I don't even want him here in New York.

This is the NY Knicks house! Yeah the Nets were here before they entered the NBA but always Knicks > Nets.