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    Trade Icon Free Agents: Who Should We Aim For?

    We need a pass first point guard. Beno Udrih looks like the best of the bunch. Hes a pass first guard.

    My personal favourite would be josh smith. Although we dont need another SF, i think he becomes an all star next year.

    Anyone think louis williams from philly would be any good for us?
    Will we ever win a championship again? Id like to think so!

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    get kyle lowry. a young guy who passes first and plays hard nose defense. williams is a combo guard, i'm not too high on him

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    Ellis and Duhon
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    We should try to get Mayo!

    Can anyone see Mayo happy in Memphis? He chose a Cali team in college to stay in the spot light ! Memphis has no light at all!!

    Nice arena though! Nice Town! But come on! He has to hate this! He wouldnt even work out for these guys! I think back to last guard drafted this high that landed on this team! Steve Francis he didnt want to play there either!

    If we can somehow get some help from Mayo or his Agent maybe we can get him!

    We should do what we can now to at least see if we can get him!!

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