What do you guys think of Josh Smith? I know it’s probably unlikely we’ll get him but I’m just wondering why the Knicks haven’t shown any slight interest at all. They still might have a shot. Or maybe they just don’t want to waste their time. Smith is a perfect fit for No-D’Antoni’s fast paced style. The guy runs the floor, an unstoppable finisher on the fast break, a decent jumpshooter, and plays impressive defense with a near 3.0 blocks per game. Furthermore he has appeared to have upped his overall defense as well. He’s the next Marion. He’s restricted, and regardless, the only way we could get him is thru a sign-and-trade. And of course it wouldn’t be wise for us if we take him in without getting rid of any of Randolph’s, Curry’s, or Crawford’s contract along the way. I know it’s far-fetched especially considering the Hawks wanting to resign Childress and Bibby. But what do you guys think? Maybe now that the Hawks have tasted the Playoffs, they might not mind going over the cap. He and Gallinari at the forward positions could be great for an uptempo game. Josh Smith’s reportedly been talking recently with the 76ers.