New York Times:
Whether Marbury will be traded, bought out of his contract or simply waived is yet to be determined. But people with close ties to Donnie Walsh, the team president, and Coach Mike D’Antoni consider Marbury’s departure a near certainty.
Even before signing Duhon, the Knicks had resolved that they could not move forward while Marbury was still in the locker room. In their brief time with the franchise, Walsh and D’Antoni have learned how incredibly unpopular Marbury is with his teammates.
For all of Marbury’s talent, the Knicks have not had a winning record since he joined the team in January 2004. He has played for five head coaches in four seasons and famously clashed with the last two, Larry Brown and Isiah Thomas. As team president, Thomas acquired Marbury in a blockbuster trade. They considered each other close friends. But their relationship soured in November and derailed the Knicks’ season.
Short of finding a team willing to take Marbury's $21.9-million expiring contract in a trade, the only other possibility is a buyout.

"We've been given all assurances that they're not bringing Chris here to sit on the bench," Bradbury said.
New York Daily News:
Duhon had narrowed his choices down to New York and Orlando and he elected to sign with the Knicks because the club promised him a starting job. That promise suggests that the Knicks are prepared to release Marbury, whose contract expires in 12 months. Although Marbury is supremely more talented, the controversial point guard has alienated teammates as well as Garden chairman James Dolan, who remains loyal to former team president and coach Isiah Thomas.

Duhon's arrival forces the Knicks to make a move with one of their guards and the likely candidate is Marbury. The Knicks would only trade Marbury if they can acquire a player who is in the final year of his contract.

Otherwise, the team can either negotiate a buyout or release him outright. Nate Robinson and Mardy Collins are two point guards also under contract, and starting shooting guard Jamal Crawford can play the position.
Could this really be the end of the Starbury era? I got just one comment I'd like to say regarding Duhon and all this expectations on their side of him starting, does this remind you guys of Jerome James' signing? LOL! I remember him bragging about being the new starter of the Knicks and we all know how that ended up - a waste of money. LOL! But of course I'm not saying Duhon's gonna meet the same fate. It just crossed my mind, but that's it. I'm actually starting to like Chris Duhon. And I'm glad Nash thinks Duhon's gonna learn well from D'Antoni the same way he did. I'm surprised about his night life problems though.. Hope it doesn't become an issue.

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