The simple attitude among REAL NBA fans is this...

If you are going to take a FOREIGN player...they cannot simply be role players. Period.

As management you are trying to convince this kid from overseas...that most people haven't SEEN on a consistent basis, couldn't pick this guy out of major magazine sports publication in America if they tried, couldn't spell the name correctly on better than our own local/domestic product.

The fact is most foreign imports just are not good enough to play in the NBA. It's only a handful. American players know the American game. And the American game is about power not simply being a big man who can shoot the 3 ball, or have a good FT%. Because you need his ass to block, rebound, and defend late in games in crunch time.

The Hall of Fame proves my point don't be mad because you can't win that argument all of sudden, like a bitch. The Hall of always looking at complete basketball states...and YES from all over the GLOBE. Hell they just added the Harlem that hasn't been around for what 80 some odd years? So that little bull**** about not really accounting historically from the influx of foreign players is bull****.

Pro-basketball in America NOT older than international basketball.

NBA was founded June 1946. It's been 62 years.

FIBA has been around since 1932. So it's 14 years older than the NBA. You dumb****. Technically, 1930 since it was recognized by the IOC two years prior. So let's count....78 years. But we'll just count from FIBA specifically.

So the NBA has 134 Hall of Famers as PLAYERS.

FIBA remember has been around since 1932...14 years before the NBA.

FIBA also has a HALL OF FAME... Know how many players are in there's??

21....that's RIGHT FOLKS...21.

The organization that has been around since 1932 has only 21 players in their Hall of Fame.

2 of them are American...Bill Russell & Ann Meyers.

So that's really 19.

143 USA >>>>>>19 FIBA. And remember they had a 14 year head start...on our American homegrown players. So they should be well ahead of us as far as GREAT INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS..and Hall of Famers but...NO THEY AINT.


Is there anything else you wanted to say SKIDMARK?