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Seeing how this is MY THREAD. I'm going to have to defend it from two morons in it. Because what I'm saying is historically accurate. And yes there is actual EVIDENCE.

In track, the purest test of athletic ability, runners of African descent hold every single men's world record at every standard distance, from the 100 meters (where no non-black athlete has held the world record since 1960) to the marathon.

In pro football, the positions that require the greatest combination of speed, power and explosiveness -- wide receiver, cornerback and running back -- are almost entirely played by blacks. In pro basketball -- the sport that requires the greatest combination of leaping ability, power bursts and agility -- almost all the starters and virtually all the superstars are black. In baseball, blacks are also disproportionately represented, although not to the same degree that they are in the more athletically demanding basketball and football.

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Honestly guy your just a waste to society your 25 dont know anything about life and this is a waste of my time.You can call me whatever you want I know what I got in the BANK and I know your just a frustrated little racist kid.So now this will be the last time I waste my time with you Im gonna go back to talking basketball and you can go back to reading lines from Roots