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    Lightbulb [\Archive Of Knowledge/]

    [Updated: 08/12/08]
    (under heavy construction, check back later -thanks)
    I want to present people with essential things that I they should know about, I do not mind if people want to contribute some extra material to insert under the sections and or help correct something if I so happen to get it wrong. (-Provide evidence please-)

    This thread will contain material such as, documents, links, videos, and books primarily on, "US Government" "Politics" "Religion" "9/11" "Medical Issues and Diseases" and other "Unsorted Topics"

    Feel free to browse, learn and act, PACE-

    [Featured Videos:]
    We're in a LOT of Trouble!!:

    Immortal Technique, Mos Def, and Eminem - Tell The TRUTH!

    9/11 Truth Rising (Talks about 9/11): <= =Newly Release (07/04/08)
    Link is here

    Loose-Change (Talks about 9/11):

    9/11 Blueprint For Truth (Architectural standpoint on 9/11):

    9/11 Inside Job - The Most Damning Evidence Yet!

    Flight 93: Cell Call Exposed 9/11:

    CNN Discusses Mysterious White Plane Over D.C. on 9/11:

    The Northwoods Document:


    Northwoods Document:

    The 9-11 Commission Report:
    Look for "Full Report" in the second paragraph for the pdf


    Hijackers' ex-landlord was FBI informant:


    American Freedom To Fascism: (No Law On Income-Tax, IRS FRAUD!):

    Masters Of Terror: (Exposes The Globalist's Plan For World Domination):

    EndGame (Talks about people who have great influence on the world):

    Washington Your Fired (Dense material on The Patriot Act 1 & 2):

    The CFR controls American media: (Consul Of Foreign Relations):

    [U.S. Presidents, Senators, and Politicians:]

    Bill Clinton (President) and Hillary Clinton (Senator):

    Bill & Hillary Clinton: Their Secret Life - (1 to 12):
    /_1_) Part 1] /_2_) Part 2] /_3_) Part 3] /_4_) Part 4] /_5_) Part 5] /_6_) Part 6] /_7_) Part 7] /_8_) Part 8] /_9_) Part 9] /_10_) Part 10] /_11_) Part 11] /_12_) Part 12]

    USA Patriot Act

    Link, click download to get either pdf or open inside browser



    VOTE 2008 Real Deal! (Baldwin Is The Last Hope):

    (_The Iraq War Origin_) (Timeline Included):

    FISA BILL (07/10/2008) (Bye 4th Amendment):

    Bush Administration Impeachment Push!:






    In Lies We Trust (1 to 16) (Dr. Leonard Horowitz talks about Aids, Vaccines and more):
    /_1_) Part 1] /_2_) Part 2] /_3_) Part 3] /_4_) Part 4] /_5_) Part 5] /_6_) Part 6] /_7_) Part 7] /_8_) Part 8] /_9_) Part 9] /_10_) Part 10] /_11_) Part 11] /_12_) Part 12] /_13_) Part 13] /_14_) Part 14] /_15_) Part 15] /_16_) Part 16]


    A.I.D.S. Virus Made in a Lab in Fredrick, MD (Self-Explanatory)




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