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    Default How or Do the recent NBA transactions affect the Knicks

    Sorry to take time from yet another monotonous fight about Steph to ask a hypothetical question. Do these moves affect the Knicks ability to move Zach?

    G State could realistically send Harrington to us for Zach in a straight up trade, and still sign Monta and Beidrins (I know I just butchered sons name). Now the signing of Monta and the Beidrins would probably put them right at the cap, and is Zach good enough to make the risk of being at or over the cap?

    The Clippers: Zach is no Elton Brand, but Kris Kaman is the type of low post player who can play along side of Zach. His game is very similar to D Lee, but he is taller and has a little range, and ofcourse is not as athletic as D Lee (had to throw that in there to rep). But Zach is statisitcally the best PF on the trading block (that we know of) and that would be a nice frontcourt.

    I think if Josh Smith goes back to Atl (which I would over The Clips who are in a tough Conference) then Zach is by far the best PF out there to be had.

    Now with Corey going to the Warriors does that make Monta available? Would Don Nelson be willing to give Steph a try. He rejuvinated Baron's career, there is no reason to think that he couldnt do the same for Steph. Now ofcourse Monta's contract wouldnt even out, and it doesnt have to with Golden State still being under cap. Ofcourse the problem I have is why give up a PG for a tweener, when we already have a couple more on the roster, plus Monta's contract is bound to extend past Donnie's magic time frame (more on that in another post to follow).

    Clippers: They thought they would be pairing Brand and Davis together is why they went after Baron, but now that it is no longer a reality, could we maybe entice them into a sign and trade for Baron?

    None of these things probably come to fruition, but they are completley impractical.
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

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    So far all the moves in just the Atlantic Division puts the Knicks in last place with a 20% winning record in their division.

    With big rumors of the (2009 Lottery) Knicks buying out alot of their players the next (NBA) team see no reason to trade with the Knicks.
    The only NBA team that has a good reason to trade with the Knicks to stop them from becomming a 2009 lottery team is Utah who owns the Knicks 2009 pick which is lottery protected.

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    I actually don't mind being a Knick fan, who has more drama in their life than Knick fans? Always a story cooking up. Recently 98% of them been negative, but we'll get ours soon.

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