With all the recent talk about our point guard stephon marbury, a few things have come to my mind.

In the offseason, Stephon Marbury has been constantly criticized by his haters becasue they seem to think he is not giving a full effort in preparing for the upcoming season. Marbury has previously stated that he has been "running through mountains" to prepare for the 08-09 season. Haters ASSUME that he has not been preparing. This is an ASSUMPTION and cannot be proven by FACTS. However, this somehow still leads to HATE from Marbury haters.

Now, lets take a look at our power forward Zach Randolph. His off seaon workout has not exactly been helpful to himslef or the Knicks. First, it was revealed that Randolph was taking part in Club Fighting. This has been proven by FACTUAL DATA. Second, it has now been proven that Randolph will skip the team's workout in Las Vegas. Instead, he chose to throw a party in Indiana. These offseason activities do not (a) improve his defensive skills (b) improve his health or (c) get him to be a better basketball player. Now, Zach Randolph's offseason "preparation" has been proven by FACTS. Yet, does not lead to any hate, unlike Stephon Marbury.

Next, lets look at On-Court Leadership.

Stephon Marbury has sacrificed his shot attempts in order for his teammates to get the oppurtunity to score. This sentece alone is nothing but oppinion. But with FACTUAL DATA, this sentence turns into a FACT. (Factual Data):

Number of Stephon Marbury shots attempted in the 2006-07 season: 952
Number of Eddy Curry shots attempted in the 2006-07 season: 1016
Number of Stephon Marbury Assists in the 06-07 season: 403

Now, lets look at some stats of Zach Randolph.
Assists in 07-08: 140
Shot Attempts in 07-08: 1058

Also, it is a FACT that Stephon Marbury is not known to start on court fights.
What is also a FACT is that Zach Randolph threw a bottle at his own teammate in the huddle in overtime of a game vs. the wizards. But, once again, this has not lead to any major HATE.

What Starbury haters need to realize is that there are larger problems on this team then Stephon Marbury. Also, there are more valid arguments to be made about players on this team other then Stephon. Stephon Marbury is not the bad guy on this team. Remember, the reason Steph got surjury and sacrificed last season, which was going no where anyway, so that he can be 100% for the 2008-09 season, where with Isiah Thomas gone, there would be a much greater chance of winning.