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I'm not co-signing I'm just reporting!

Far be it me to argue with a coaching Great like coach K. He is familar with both Duhon's game and Dantoni's coaching style. And hell, as a Knick fan I would love to see us make a steal in the free agent market as opposed to the many many burns we have endured.

But Honestly I don't see it. I can't say I know much about Duhon, and I (like every Knick signing or trade) have studied his stats and You Tube video, and I not overly impressed. Now his assist to TO ratio is solid, but people forget that Steph was solid as well in this category. Now his defense is what gets praise, and that is what has me the most optimistic but, league leader in assist is a bit of a stretch.

Maybe I am just trying to keep myself grounded with this move so I'm not allowing myself to get too excited, or maybe I'm just being a realis. Any way sound off!